What Customers Love Most About Harman Pellet Stoves

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A heating appliance can be just that – an appliance. At Harman Stoves though, we strive for it to be more. A stove should not only keep you warm and cozy, it should be the heart of your home. It should be the gathering point for family and friends, the centerpiece for lifelong memories. It should be a constant and reliable source of comfort. That is what we mean when we say Harman Stoves are built to a standard, not a price.

John, a Harman pellet stove owner for more than 20 years, recently wrote us to share his experience. What he found is that while every year brings changes, the one constant he could count on was his Harman stove.

Read what John had to say about his pellet stove.

Hello to Harman,

I do not normally do this but, as I sit in my basement in central Missouri on this February night all warm and cozy, I look at this Pellet Pro II that I had installed 8/1996 and I think what a bargain. Who would believe that 21 winters later, this thing is still working just like on day one. There have been issues, these stoves likes some pellets better than others. I have replaced the blower motor twice, the distribution motor once, and even the spring for the feed motor (yes they get weak after a lot of years) but to still run from the end of November through the first of April(ish) nonstop, what a product. I just want to thank you and your employees for building a quality stove. I do clean it thoroughly at the end of the season but very few things even with care last this long. Now that I’ve jinxed the stove and myself, I will close. Thanks again. This stove has been spectacular.

John R.

John is one of the millions of homeowners that heat their homes with a pellet stove.

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