What Advanced Fireplace Technology Can Do for Your Home

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Heat & Glo is proving that home appliances can mix function and fashion. Above the fireplace often ends up being the perfect viewpoint for a television, but this combination has been considered a “don’t” by interior designers and installers for years. The intense heat flowing through the wall can have negative effects on electronics and artwork it comes into contact with. PowerFlow™ Heat Management Technology is changing the game though, removing design limitations and freeing up the space around your hearth.

PowerFlow™ Heat Management Technology
Reclaim the space above your fireplace. Heat & Glo’s exclusive PowerFlow™ Heat Management Technology makes it possible. Take back the ability to hang a TV or artwork above your fireplace with the flip of a switch.

PowerFlow™ Heat Management Technology redirects the flow of heat, sending warmth where you want it, all while maintaining safe outer glass and a cool wall. Quickly adjust heat distribution throughout your space, inside or outside the home. The choice is yours.

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