The Smartest Wood Stove You’ll Ever Use

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Quadra-Fire is proudly unveiling the Adventure Series steel wood stoves – the only stoves that deliver on performance and easy operation. This latest wood stove brings a level of innovation never before seen. Quadra-Fire’s Adventure Series introduces the only wood stove equipped with a programmable wall thermostat, along with a single-button control system for ultimate convenience. The new Adventure Series wood stove collection makes heating controllable, more cost efficient and as simple to operate as a typical wall thermostat control.

Adventure Series wood stoves take the guesswork out of heating with wood, giving you maximum control for the most efficient burns – at just the right temperature. This stove regulates and maintains heat within a few degrees of your set temperature, virtually eliminating the need to adjust manual controls. It will even tell you when it’s time to add more wood, saving you trips to the stove.

The new, industry-first Adventure wood stove collection transforms the wood burning experience with Smart Burn Technology™, which automatically controls the heat and allows homeowners to achieve their desired room temperature, at any time, day or night. Simply load the wood, ignite the fire, set the programmable thermostat, and walk away. Heating with wood for home comfort has never been easier or more convenient.


The Adventure Series Wall Control

Rugged and built to last, Adventure Series stoves are constructed of solid steel and feature Quadra-Fire’s most advanced and proven technologies. In addition to Smart Burn Technology, they’re outfitted with the patented Four-Point Burn System for clean, efficient fires, and also feature Automatic Combustion Control for easy start-ups and precise control. The result? Long-lasting, easy to start and easy to maintain fires.

To learn more about the Adventure Series, watch this video.

The Adventure Series takes the centuries-old tradition of burning wood for heat to unprecedented levels. Read up on the even more Reasons You Should Have a Wood Stove.

Nothing burns like a Quad. A wood burning hearth has never been easier to achieve – and that’s just one of the many Reasons You Should Have a Wood Stove. Talk to your local Quadra-Fire hearth dealer about an Adventure Series wood stove today!

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