Some Interesting Market Trends in Fireplace

By Ronald Van Waas

Trends are often described as coming or going, however, there are a few trends occurring today within the fireplace industry that are showing strong preferences and lasting results.

Although the traditional styles of fireplaces with their log sets are still extremely popular, the new European linear fireplaces are gaining in popularity.  These sleek new designs are reinventing our perceptions of how fireplaces should look and along with these new styles, the finishing around them, and indeed, the whole room décor is being affected.  More so now than ever current interior design trends are playing a greater role in the decision process.

For those who like to keep in tune with current trends, here are a few suggestions:

  1.  Industrial era meets mid-century simplicity:  add modern elements and merge with vintage 50’s and 60’s chic accessories to create an industrial feel (Legge 2011).  This style is reminiscent of the monochromatic design of the 80’s with an industrial feel where color and accessories are added as an accessory.
  2.  Salvaged chic:  Recycling or reusing or altering of materials is becoming extremely popular.  Whether it is recycling wood products, spray painting or refinishing existing materials, it’s becoming very chic.  This trend certainly ties into the current popularity of recycling and eco-friendly (Legge 2011).
  3.  Organic products:  the use of organic products such as bamboo, tiger wood, paneling, old planks and doors, natural stone, and organic paints, are becoming increasingly popular.  Being environmentally responsible is becoming, not only acceptable, but rather required (Halabi 2011, Legge 2011 and Lucas 2011).

Although these are generalized trends presently occurring, there is also one important element to add, whether you use currently popular earth tones, blues or grays, whether you paint the ceiling half strength of the walls, or whether you upcycle or recycle; a home uniquely reflects your personality.  This evolves and grows in character as you create it.  If you love the choices you have made, then it’s also trendsetting (Halabi 2011, Legge 2011 and Lucas 2011).


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