Saying goodbye to a friend.

By Mike Eide

RIP Dave Lewis

This isn’t the blog that was supposed to be written this week. In fact I was half way through writing that post when I was informed that long time Mr. Fireplace employee Dave Lewis had passed away. I knew at that moment I had to just write about Dave. Even as I sit here this is the hardest piece of writing I have ever had to do.  You see I considered Dave more than just my past co-worker, but also as a true friend.

It was a little over a year now since Dave left the Mr. Fireplace team as he was battling cancer. The spry witty old friend we all knew had become weaker, he was becoming ill. Still through it all he still had the best of spirits and was always joking around and stinking up areas he had been standing in (ahh we will miss ya stinky).

Dave would be my first death of friend. I have experienced grieving for loved family members who have passed on (grandparents), but never for someone I considered my friend like Dave.

Dave and I bet on every sporting event in the last 10 years. Stanley Cup, yup…World Series, you better believe it… World Cup, Sure I found a way to believe that Netherlands was due. Of course with these bets came the smack talk. The Celtics are gonna run over your team tonight bro!

Dave was like that older big brother who grew up in the 60’s and had the stories to go along with it. I enjoyed going to Flames games with Dave, the occasional beer and debating about anything at work just for the stories.

Dave buddy you fought it hard just like everyone knew you would. But Gods plan for you were done. I know you are looking down on us all now in heaven and I am sure I speak for everyone in the Mr. Fireplace family that you will be deeply missed. Marlene and the rest of his family are in our thoughts and prayers as they get through this tough time.

Dave I’m gonna miss ya! This is a sad day for Leafs nation as they lost a great soldier and I am going to leave you with this. Dave…buddy, I’m sorry that you never got to see the Leafs win another cup. Here’s hoping that in the near future you will be sitting next to the big guy upstairs watching the Leafs in the finals competing for the cup. At that time bud, I’ll give you the Leafs, I’ll take whoever they are playing and $20 to the winner. Love ya bud!.