Pellet Heat Made Simple: Pellet Stoves with EASY Touch Controls

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If you’ve ever struggled to get temperature-precise heating from a pellet or wood stove, or wish a pellet stove offered programmable settings or diagnostic indicators, you’ll love Harman’s EASY Touch Controls. Stoves with EASY Touch Controls, like the Harman Absolute43 pellet stove, provide maximum home comfort via multiple settings and an intuitive touch screen.
From the main screen, you can view the current room temperature, increase or decrease the temperature setting, initiate the “whisper” setting, or add additional buttons and indicators for at-a-glance convenience. You also have even greater control via secondary menus, which allow you to:
–  Control the fan speed
–  Program the temperature output of your stove for various times of day and week, helping to conserve fuel and save money
–  Assess the performance of the stove and get maintenance alerts
–  Test the functionality of the stove’s motors and igniter
–  Set fuel calibration and hopper fill amounts to enable fuel gauge readings
–  Set up cleaning prompts
–  Install firmware updates from a USB drive or download diagnostic data to a USB


Harman’s Absolute43

The flagship pellet stove featuring EASY Touch Controls is the Harman Absolute43 Pellet Stove, a compact, elegant cast iron stove. With a 52-pound hopper capacity, it can heat up to 2,400 square feet. It also has dual room fans and is the quietest pellet stove available, turning your house into a dream home.
Already have an Absolute43 or another Harman pellet stove? Show it some love. Here’s How to Keep it Operating its Best.

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