Patio Fireplaces: The Perfect Backyard Patio Makeover for Summer

Chic design doesn’t have to end at a home’s threshold. Contemporary design has made its way to the outdoors, and it’s more than just stylish furniture! Earlier this year, Heat & Glo once again broke traditional fireplace boundaries by bringing the linear fireplace trend outdoors, and there’s no better way to create a stunning focal point.

Light up your landscape with the Lanai, which offers contemporary style with glowing flames and a colorful firebed. The Lanai features a stainless steel interior specifically designed to magnify the voluminous flames as they stretch across the entire length of the fireplace. It comes standard with seven colors of LED interior lights that shine through the translucent glass firebed, each accentuating the flames in a different way. Or if you’d like, you can cycle through the colors continuously. The lights can be adjusted to three intensity levels, and can also be turned on when the flames are off, creating a dramatic patio display even on hot summer nights.

The Lanai is constructed of rust-resistant stainless steel and is outfitted with Heat & Glo proven technologies, such as the IntelliFire™ Ignition System. If you’re ready to take your patio up a notch, keep the Lanai in mind.

For more information about this amazing new patio fireplace, click here. And to see it in action, watch the video below.

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