Outdoor Living Trends You Want to Know this Summer


How are you going to make the most of the summer season? We talked with the ultimate outdoor experts at Southview Design on Facebook Live to learn the top tips for improving your outdoor living space.

Facebook Live interview with Southview Design.

Designer Tim Johnson shared his expert opinion on the landscape design elements that will make a big difference in your backyard. Watch the video to hear about them all, and read below for the key takeaways.

  1. Fire features and outdoor fireplaces are great additions to any space. It’s best to work with a professional that can creatively inspire you, and help you through the different regulations installing a fire feature requires.
  2. Take your outdoor entertaining up a notch by focusing on the design elements. Make fireplaces a showcase, and treat them like pieces of art. Try complementing an outdoor fireplace with a pergola to create a more intimate space.
  3. Think less about trends and more about what fits your living habits. Look for accents that combine together to create a fun setting.
  4. When planning your outdoor space, remember timing is key in multiple ways. Reach out to your designer and local fireplace dealer as soon as possible. You want to maximize the outdoor season for your enjoyment. Also, think about what will work today and years from now. Create a space that will look great long-term.
  5. Why should you even care about updating your outdoor patio? Curb appeal goes a long way for both pride and home value.

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