My “Cadac” BBQ Review

By Ronald van Waas

During my last move in August of last year I damaged my 15 year old BBQ enough that I had to finally throw it out. Of course that meant no barbecuing that fall or this spring. I had checked a number of retailers and differing brands and just couldn’t decide; the overwhelming problem was the size of my balcony would not accommodate the larger stainless steel models and my unwillingness to have a BBQ take up the majority of my balcony. So, I started looking around for a round BBQ: enter Mr. Fireplace’s new line of portable BBQ’s called “CADAC”.

Small, Round, Portable.

Marketed as predominately a camping/backyard portable grill; at first appearances they looked rather too small. When I discovered that the CADAC 5000 came with its own carrying case, LP adapter, reversible non-stick griddle, paella wok and BBQ grill; what’s not to love; all the attachments I could possibly use and all of them included. I decided to overlook its size and give it a try. Excellent choice.

Better yet; it cooks like a charm heating from the bottom up and with no lid required unless you want to bake, roast or steam; the results were amazing. All of the cooking surfaces with the exception of the non-stick reversible grill are porcelain coated and allow for very easy cleaning under a tap – a true bonus. Since no burn-off time is required and the fact that most of the grilling is done on lowest heat setting, I’ve actually saved on the amount of propane used.

Best of all; whether I cook steak, chicken, burgers, salmon fillets or vegetable skewers they have been the juiciest I’ve ever cooked with no flare-ups that singe the food, no surface or grill option that I do not have and for the first time in decades; lots of space on my deck, absolutely hassle-free barbecuing and a BBQ that is easy to maintain with fantastic results.

This is a winning combination.