More Than Just Fireplaces!

By Mistee Walker

Allow me to paint you a picture, it’s a warm summers evening and you are sitting out in your back yard. You’ve got an ice cold beverage in hand, your Saber grill cooking up one of Mr. Fireplace’s BBQ recipes of the day (if you haven’t already check out our Facebook page for some delicious grill recipes daily) and your relaxing trying to enjoy the peace and quiet.  But all that fills your backyard is the sounds of traffic; The honking horns, screeching tires, the sirens. “THAT’S IT!” you holler “There has got to be a solution to this noise!!” and there is.

Enter our new Yosemite Water Fountains. They come in all sizes (anywhere from 9″ – 7′ tall) and are designed for indoor or outdoor use so they make a perfect additional to your office desk or finish off your outdoor oasis.  Some offer ambient lighting and traditional or modern designs. These fountains come assembled, just place the pump in behind the trap door, fill it with water, plug it in and let the relaxation begin.

Whatever your tastes are there is a fountain for you.