Low Maintenance Pellet Stoves Give You Free Time Like Never Before

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 2.24.57 PMIf you already have a Harman pellet stove in your home, you are likely looking forward to a winter of comfort with minimal stove maintenance. As you may know, Harman pellet stoves are outfitted with today’s most advanced technologies, like programmable thermostats, automatic cleaning cycles, and our Pellet Pro System™ and our Exhaust Sensing Probe™, all of which make heating with pellets as convenient as possible for you. In addition, Harman stoves burn at efficiency rates up to 87 percent, which means pellets last longer and produce minimal ash to clean up.

With all this efficiency and convenience, you can spend more time doing what you love or trying something new this winter. What will it be? We have some ideas for you.

Snow-rich Outdoor Activities
If you love snow, there are plenty of activities to keep you entertained until spring arrives. Snowshoeing, snowboarding or skiing, ice fishing, cross country skiing, and hiking can all be refreshing when your vitamin D levels wane. For more adventurous types, a dog sledding tour or ride could be the highlight of your winter. Several dog sledding companies operate in Minnesota as well as other snow-rich states. Search the Internet to find a service near you or in a destination you’d like to visit.

If you have a big dog (or a horse!) you may want to try skijoring. It’s similar to water skiing, only the skier is pulled by the animal on the snow rather than a boat on water. You’ll need a harness for your animal and yourself, a rope to attach to both harnesses, and cross country skiing equipment. Some dogs, especially larger Artic breeds, love this activity! You may choose to blaze your own trails or use an approved skijoring trail, many of which are shared with cross country skiers.

If you’re a mountain biker, you know you don’t have to be sidelined until spring with a fat bike. You can challenge yourself on specific fat bike trails or Nordic trails that allow bikes, or even use it for everyday transportation, if that suits you. Singletrack.com also offers a primer on fat biking with your kids, so the whole family can participate. Be sure to follow best practices to keep yourself safe and not lose your riding privileges, and dress for the weather, of course.

Home Projects
In every home, there always seems to be at least one inside project in process and another on deck. Winter is the perfect time to cross them off your list. Add a color to your walls, replace window treatments, or finish the basement, if you’re really ambitious.

If you’ll have guests this Thanksgiving, take an assessment of your guest bedroom. Do you need to clean out a closet to give them more space? Are there small repairs needed, such as replacing light bulbs, repairing a closet track or lubing the door latch? If you’re planning bigger festivities for the holidays, AJC.com has some easy ideas for getting your home ready to show off. And don’t forget to hang your outdoor holiday lights before the temperatures plunge.

Sports Galore
Fall and winter are also great times for sports fans, whether you lace up your hockey skates and play or watch from the comfort of your family room. Take it up a notch by instigating friendly rivalry and tailgate for a game – and with college football and the NFL in full swing, your weekends could be a perpetual tailgate party. (We recommend inviting your neighbors, to help keep peace in your neighborhood).

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