Introducing Three New Modern Units By Heatilator!



Heatilator is the #1 preferred brand among builders! First time homebuyer, homebuilders and custom home experts agree. Heatilator is the number one choice. Heatilator units are built solid, they are efficient heaters showing tremendous value in the fireplace category for anyone.

So when the #1 brand in fireplaces comes out with three new modern fireplaces at the same time you take notice, and that is just what they did in introducing the new Eclipse, Caliber Modern and Ion series of fireplaces.


The Eclipse brings functional modern design into smaller spaces. Its unique size and finishing options provide unmatched versatility. A ribbon burner elevates the flames through finely crafted ceramic stones.
Design your space, your way. With the Eclipse, modern versatility pairs well with the proven value and dependability of Heatilator.
•    Available in 32 and 36-inch sizes
•    Glass options to create your unique look
•    Clean Face and Simon fronts to match your style
•    Optional fad-resistant black glass liner
•    Up to 23,500 BTUs

Caliber Modern

The Caliber Modern provides modern design in a spacious and traditional size. Safe and efficient performance keeps the distinctive flames dancing, while unique design options help create a variety of custom looks.
•    Large viewing areas in both 36 and 42-inch sizes
•    Bed of crystal glass included standard
•    Optional fade-resistant black glass liner
•    7 additional media options—multiple glass colors and stones to create custom looks
•    Up to 32,000 BTUs

ION Series

Take modern style to new places with the Ion gas fireplace series. At only 7-inches deep, these square, vertical and horizontal models can install in nearly any room—quicker and easier than other fireplaces. Two front choices and an ambient backlighting option create a  truly unique look in any environment.

Think differently about fire and take modern style to new places. It’s all possible with the Ion series.

  • Square, vertical and horizontal models
  • Ambient LED backlighting option
  • 2 front  color options
  • Up to 24,000 BTUs

With these new unit launches Heatilator has sent a shot of electricity through the entire modern fireplace segment of fireplaces. Everyone would be wise to stand up and take notice.

Which one do you like the most. Be sure to check leave it in the comments.