For most of us, our homes are where we spend the most time – and where we make the most significant investments. With the economy on the upswing and consumer confidence rising, many people are making their dream homes reality by building new or remodeling existing houses. In both scenarios, installing a fireplace is often at the top of the list – and for good reason. In addition to providing a dramatic focal point like nothing else can, a fireplace adds the kind of warmth and coziness that brings people together. Fireplaces truly are the heart of our homes.

Ask any interior designer about fireplaces and you’ll quickly learn there are more style and design options than ever before. Fireplaces fall into three basic design categories, making it possible to find a perfect style to complement your new or existing home’s décor.

People have an inherent, almost primal attraction to burning wood in a fireplace. Gas fireplaces with super-realistic logs and natural stone or wood surrounds provide all the things we love about wood fireplaces, but in a much more convenient, nearly maintenance-free package.

Fireplaces with a modern flair offer the same benefits as traditional fireplaces, but with exciting new designs. Similar to how we display art, they are often positioned higher on the wall – even at eye level. They use gas technology in new ways, featuring linear and stylistic flames that flicker in unison alongside interiors and surrounds made of materials like crystals and black onyx.

A blend of modern and traditional styles, transitional or “fusion” design is all the rage. It includes the best of both worlds with elements that are simple and timeless. Heat & Glo offers several transitional fireplaces that blend the most desirable characteristics of traditional and contemporary design.

The fireplaces we featured in this blog barely scratch the surface of all the styles and designs from which you can choose. Scroll through hundreds of options in Heat & Glo’s Idea Gallery here.