How to Save the Planet One Green Product at a Time

We depend on Mother Nature for a lot. It’s her cascading waterfalls that provide beauty, steep mountainsides that offer adventure, and rich resources that give us life. To preserve these attributes for future generations, we can all make small changes in our daily lifestyles to reduce electricity, gas, oil, and water usage. Try these technologies and products for green living you can feel good about.

Fireplaces and Stoves
Pellet-burning and EPA certified wood-burning stoves and fireplace inserts transform trees and wood into renewable energy to heat our homes. You can heat the entirety of your home with these hearth options, or zone heat the rooms where you spend the most time. In addition to utilizing a renewable fuel, these heating options will help lower your utility bills. Efficient green technologies mean pellet and wood hearths burn clean, minimizing particulate pollution. Check out the latest innovations here.

Tankless Water Heaters
Water tanks are a waste in this day and age, keeping 40 or more gallons of water warm for unnecessarily long periods of time. Tankless water heaters have been around for several years now, and the technology continues to improve. They’re more efficient than standard tank heaters and could save you up to 30 percent on monthly utility bills. If you’re skeptical, many manufacturers also make hybrid water heaters that combine tankless technology with a tank.

Smart Home Technology
Green homes and smart homes are quickly becoming synonymous. Appliances, thermostats, security systems, locks, lighting, and other home products can now use wireless networks to become interconnected and be controlled remotely by mobile apps. Not only are these gadgets cool, they can help you save electricity. Your thermostat can be adjusted remotely, lights turned off with a click of your smartphone, and more. This is one home trend that’s here to stay. You don’t have to look far to find smart home technology that provides convenience and energy-saving benefits.

Traditional refrigerators aren’t the greatest at keeping the cold air inside as you open the door to decide what’s for dinner. If you have multiple family members, this can cause a good amount of energy loss. The newest refrigerators are changing that with easy-access sliding panels to provide access to the food you eat most often. Some models claim to reduce cold air loss by up to 50 percent. Combine this with other energy-saving appliances for your kitchen, and the benefits quickly add up.

If you have old and drafty windows, it could really pay off to upgrade. Today’s windows have glass systems that help keep hot and cool air where you want better than even the windows of just 10 years ago. Thanks to improved ENERGY STAR® standards, more manufacturers now offer triple-pane windows. Each pane provides an additional layer of insulation, boosting energy efficiency. Window frames also have improved for greater thermal performance and to ensure virtually zero water infiltration. You might not think of windows first in the realm of technology upgrades, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised the difference they can make for both aesthetics and comfort.

These are just a few green ideas that will lower your energy use and utility bills. New eco-friendly technologies are entering the market every day, giving you options for going green.

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