Getting your BBQ ready for grilling season


Grilling season is here! We like many Canadians believe this is the greatest time of year. But did you know that your grill, much like many household items requires some maintenance before the season it will be most used in? here are some helpful tips to help you get your grill ready for the grilling season.

For starters we would suggest a good deep cleaning of your grill. Use a nonscratch sponge or nylon brush to do a thorough cleaning of the interior of your BBQ. Be sure to get any of the burned on residue. Once you are done doing this be sure to wash surfaces with dish soap and water, rinsing well once done then drying. Want a tip for the future cleaning of the inside grill area of your BBQ? Don’t simply turn the BBQ to high after cooking to burn off the excess residue. Be sure to turn it to high for about 5-7 minutes then turn it off and scrub with your BBQ brush. Or try using a spray bottle with equal parts water and vinegar the next day to help loosen the baked on grime then use your brush to finish the job.

Next clean your exterior of your grill using a sponge and warm soapy water. Take apart as much of the grill as you can to ensure you get into everywhere for optimal cleaning. Be sure to wipe dry once done.

Now that your grill is nice and clean lets give it a check up for safety. Be sure to check your burners for any holes or rust that may be forming. Also check your propane tank out by running a leak test to ensure that there is no gas escaping. To do so coat the regulator, valve sand hoses with soapy water. Turn the tank on and look for bubbles, which will indicate leaking gas. If you find any leaks be sure to have your grill serviced or if you are handy replace the parts yourself.

Speaking of propane when is the last time you had your tank filled up. There is absolutely nothing worse than running out of fuel half way through cooking a meal. Take this opportunity to fill up your propane tank so you are good to go early in the season.

Grilling season is the best season of the year, and by following these few tips for preparing your BBQ for the grilling season we hope to add years and many meals to your outdoor grilling enjoyment.

Until next time, happy grilling!