Fireplace Trends You Can Expect to See in 2016


fp trends 2016

2015 was a stylish year. Bold colors made a comeback, retro became modern and textures couldn’t be ignored. We think 2016 though, is going to be the real treat. The home design site Houzz has looked into their crystal ball and predicted the 25 biggest interior trends that we’ll be seeing over the next 12 months. Fireplaces are heating up the list, stealing center stage as the focal point of any room.

Make like a pro and arrange your room around this fiery accent. Here’s what’s lighting up the hearth world this year:

Want to Must-Have
Fireplaces began as crucial elements of the home, and their journey has come full circle. Hearths have once again jumped to the top of homebuyers’ wish lists. New homebuyers rank fireplaces as the most desired decorative appearance product in a new home, they’re in the top 10 percent of all most desired products in a new home, and fireplaces are a top “dream home amenity” for Baby Boomer, Gen X and Gen Y buyers. Those facts are too hot to ignore.

Linear Fireplace Design
A chic, linear fireplace with a ribbon flame rising through crystals is right at home with contemporary trends. This clean and sleek look showcases the flames as art, with less metal and more glass for optimal viewing. The end result is a vibrant atmosphere, like the one offered by the PRIMO gas fireplace.


Controllable Comfort
Fireplace trends are about more than just aesthetic. It’s the technology behind the flames that’s truly revolutionary. As homes move towards customization and personalization, so are fireplaces. Advancements like PowerFlow Heat Management Technology allow users to redirect the flow of heat, sending warmth where they want it. Heat distribution can be adjusted throughout the space, inside or outside of the home. This now allows users to enjoy flickering flames without the heat, and provides a cool and safe wall for hanging art or a television. Choice has been restored.

Outdoor Living
It’s never too soon to start thinking about summer. The outdoor living room is on the rise as people extend their spaces past their four walls. Patios are being treated as distinct rooms, transformed into areas for cooking, dining, lounging, entertaining and more. And like any good room, it isn’t complete without a fire feature. Outdoor fireplaces like the Palazzo contribute to the ambiance and bring warmth as temperatures drop.


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