Fireplace Trends For 2015










By Mike Eide

Looking for the hottest trends in fireplaces for 2015? Well search no further. Quite often the designers view of what the fireplace will look like coincides with the feel they are going for in that immediate area. Now days that look is trending more towards sleek, modern looks as apposed to the bigger boxier fireplaces of the past.

These slimmer more landscape/linear fireplaces are getting more and more narrow, and of course pushing the imagination of how wide they can go.

These linear marvels are being made in both single sided, or see through models to be added in between master bedrooms and en-suites and other applications like that.

Not only has the boxier more traditional fireplaces been replaced by the newer modern liner look, the inside of that firebox is drastically changing. Gone are the days of standard ceramic fibre logs being used inside of the fireplace to give the look of a real wood fire. Now homeowners are looking more for an art piece or making a statement in their room with their fireplace. They do not care about it looking like a real wood fire anymore, but rather finishing that look they are trying to achieve. This is being done with the addition of different materials being used in the firebox such as crushed glass or faux rocks instead of logs. Some fireplace manufacturers will go as far as adding metal tubes in the place of logs to create that modern personal feel.

But the material that the flame appears to be ascending from is only the beginning of how you can finish off the inside of your firebox. You can also add reflective glass panels and various lighting options to give the appearance of fire and light reflecting everywhere within the firebox

caliber modern

One last trend we would like to cover is fireplaces that can be easily converted to match the changing mood of the homeowner like the Fusion. The Fusion comes standard with a log set, but has the option to also change from logs to crushed glass or faux rocks with ease. This feature gives the homeowner the ability to buy a standard fireplace and go from traditional to modern in a matter of minutes.

These of course are just some of the trends we are experiencing in the fireplace industry for 2015. Do you have any trends you are seeing or would like to see in fireplaces in the near future? If so leave them in the comments below.