Fireplace Installations You Didn’t Think Were Possible

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Advanced Venting Makes for Modern Fireplace Installations


Everyone knows that most gas fireplaces are installed on the exterior walls of homes, and it makes sense since they require outside air for combustion and exhaust. But what if a home has a perfect spot for a fireplace on an interior wall? No problem! Heat & Glo offers advanced venting technology that makes it possible to install a gas fireplace almost anywhere within a home.


It’s called power venting technology. In the internal walls of the home, slim venting is installed. It starts at the fireplace and zigzags through the walls – up, down, over, or under – ending at a termination point on an external wall. When the fireplace is operating, heated air travels through the venting system via power vents, which are powerful, sleek fan-powered accessories that push air through the twists and turns of the venting. This video illustrates power venting technology and how it works.



Power venting technology means that fireplaces can be installed on an internal wall in any room, whether you want a fireplace in your bedroom, kitchen, basement, bathroom – or anywhere!


In addition to making it possible to put a gas fireplace almost anywhere in the home, power venting technology can also be installed to control where the heat is distributed inside or outside your home. Heated air can be directed to an adjacent room, a room on another level of the home, or outside. For example, if the room gets too hot, you can redirect the heat to another room. Or if you want to enjoy the ambiance of a fire and flames during the summer, you can redirect the heat outdoors, simply by touching the remote control.


Power venting gives you the choice to redirect heat away from the fireplace, which also makes it possible to install a television or artwork directly above the fireplace, protecting them from the potentially damaging effects of heat.

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