Design Inspiration: Indoor/Outdoor Gas Fireplaces

Do you like sitting outside around a warm fire? Or how about snuggling indoors near a fireplace – do you like that too? If you answered yes to both, we have the perfect fireplace for you!

The Heat & Glo Twilight gas fireplace is essentially two fireplaces in one. It’s a see-through fireplace that’s designed to withstand the elements, so it brings warmth and ambiance to both an indoor and outdoor space – with one fireplace.

The Twilight is available in two design styles – traditional (Twilight II) and contemporary (Twilight II Modern). At 38,000 BTUs, it will certainly keep everyone warm on both sides of the wall. The Twilight is a closed system, so it provides a safe environment for enjoying fires within an arm’s length on outdoor patios, decks or terraces.

Perfect for your next remodeling project, there’s no need for an exterior vent cap since the outdoor face of the fireplace acts as a vent. This also allows for more home placement options, makes installation less complicated, and provides a clean exterior appearance. And because it’s a see-through fireplace, it’s also a window to the outdoors from inside the house.

Now you can have your cake and eat it too! Enjoy the fire – indoors and out.