Design Ideas to Add a Rustic Feel to Your Living Room

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When it comes to decorating a living room or your whole home, there are as many style options as there are different tastes and preferences. One of our favorites, which has stood the test of time, is rustic décor.

Rustic design is unpretentious and down-to-earth – literally. Rooms designed in the rustic way are big on natural elements, like rough-hewn wood, logs, stone and reclaimed materials. They emphasize deep, rich tones, creating an atmosphere similar to that of a cabin in the woods, or a ski lodge.

If you want to create this mood in your own living room, there are two types of rustic design worth consideration.

Traditional Rustic
Rugged warmth and rich, natural textures – these are prominent elements of a living room designed in traditional rustic character. Such a room evokes feelings of simple pleasures, authenticity, and relaxation. Amidst our fast-paced, technologically connected lives, the natural, calming effect is something many of us yearn for – which is why traditional rustic design remains beloved by many.







The core of traditional rustic design is rugged, natural beauty. Sustainable, natural building materials like wide-plank wood floors, wooden beam ceilings, and natural stone are predominant and should be included in your plans. Instead of bright colors for paint and accessories, choose soothing, earthy colors that are comforting. No traditional rustic living room is complete without natural heat, so make it whole with a Harman stove or by upgrading your existing stone fireplace with a Harman insert.

Modern Rustic
While at first glance they appear to be at opposite ends of the spectrum, it is possible to love both rustic and modern elements of design. You can absolutely combine them to create to create a living room that is both warm and modern – and you will not be the first to do it.

Referred to as “modern rustic,” this décor style, which combines rustic elements with principles of modern design, has become wildly popular. Much like traditional rustic, modern rustic is all about bringing the outside in with prominent natural elements like wood and stone, balanced with a simple and uncomplicated color scheme.







If your home is older, you’ll want to accentuate natural, rich architectural elements like exposed beams, stone walls and wood features. If you are building a new home, integrate plenty of natural elements like reclaimed wood and stone, along with an open floor plan and large windows to bring in natural light. Add a Harman stove or upgrade your existing wood-burning fireplace a handsome Harman insert, and your modern rustic living room will be complete!


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