Breaking News…Winter is Coming!

By Mike Eide

Well…. I have bad news for you. I know we all have been trying to avoid it, I know we all kind of thought maybe this year it wouldn’t happen. Well, it did happen, the season changed again, it’s Fall. Gone are the days of no coat weather, children outside playing till all hours of the night or having sunlight for both your morning and evening commute. Here are the days where you can clean your yard and it will be messy again within hours or doing something as simple as getting out the door with your whole family in tow can take as long as getting them all ready for the day did with the countless number of jackets, scarfs, toques and gloves required.

Now that I have broken your heart and shuttered your world I am going to go one step further and reference HBO’s and George R.R. Martin’s hit Game of Thrones in saying “Winter is Coming!”.

I’ll give you all a minute to take that in. Ready? With Winter there is cold weather. With cold weather there comes the need to warm your family. So on that first inevitable cold snap of the season, when you make the long quest from your place of warmth to the switch on the wall to turn on your fireplace, you want to be sure that your fireplace is clean and working at 100% optimal performance.

Fireplace’s can be a tricky thing and while you may not know it, they should be maintained no different than your furnace would be. Fireplace manufacturers state that service is required to be performed by a qualified technician annually. Now I like you all, I consider you all my friends. I’m going to let you all in on a little secret. There are qualified fireplace service technicians at Mr. Fireplace.

You heard it here first; there are qualified fireplace service technicians at Mr. Fireplace. The fine people at Mr. Fireplace would be more than happy to help make sure you have the above scenario happen.

I will leave you with one last tip. I’m sure this might have happened to you once before. You wait too long to accomplish something and when you finally get around to it, it’s too late. On the day of this writing there are only 68 more days until Christmas. Even worse than that there are only 48 business days left till Christmas. That’s very limited time left to be able to ensure your fireplace gets it’s annual cleaning and is ensured that it is running at 100% before your guests arrive. Fireplace appointments fill up fast and if you wait to long, while we will do everything in our power to fit every customer in, we will just sometimes not be unable to before the holiday season.

So the moral of the story is that now is the best time to ensure that your fireplace is clean and has had its annual inspection done. We have plenty of appointments still available before Christmas so contact our service department at 403-272-9845 and get your fireplace booked for its annual inspection today, before you miss the holiday season.

Do you have any holiday horror stories you would like to share? Leave them in the comments below.