Are You a Super-Cocooner?

By Eileen Fortier

“Let’s just stay home” is a phrase I’m hearing more and more from friends and gregarious types, who for years wouldn’t have dreamed of missing a chance to go out. I thought it was just me – I’m a nester who finds comfort in a Sunday making soup and cleaning out closets.  But now it seems everyone is nesting more and more. I wondered if it’s age related.  Are boomers finally facing their senior status.  Apparently not.

Doing some research into the shopping habits of North Americans, it seems the trend of cocooning has escalated to “super-cocooning” and it’s across all ages – with the biggest group choosing to stay home being 25 to 34-year-olds turning their homes into refuge from the daily social unrest and cost.

Statistics are showing restaurant traffic, hotel bookings and car rentals are down while the sale of home electronics, in-home entertainment being led by technically sophisticated consumers and take-out food is up.  Social media, high definition TV is giving us a cinema experience at home.  “Super-cocooning” also means “come for dinner” which is still the best invitation.  Even if you don’t cook you can easily buy preprepared foods good enough to fool your guests.

Our desire to stay in has affected the entertainment industry, the retail scene and the choice of products from retailers.  Retailers have stepped up their game, working to provide a special experience combined with exceptional service, drawing us into their stores.

Trend Analyst Popcorn doesn’t see an end in sight for super-cocooning.

Sometimes with the frenzy out there, I just want to curl up for a good read and, pop on my fireplace.



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