A Survival Guide for First Time Gas Fireplace Owners

By Eileen Fortier

First Class is not just a seat on an airplane; what comes to mind is Service, high quality and a “friendly” atmosphere. We at Mr. Fireplace give the ultimate tools for a gas fireplace experience with more fun, less stress and top success culminating in us being awarded the Consumer Choice Award for outstanding Sales and Service in 2012.

The ‘new breed’ of consumer: “mid age”, wants quality and durability; choosing natural gas for the cleanest burning alternative fuel; not to mention, the green aspects such as zone heating which gives the user the ability to heat the area of their home they use the most with a fireplace instead of the whole house with a furnace; helping to preserve the environment.

The ‘new breed’ of consumer is adding additional gas fireplaces in their homes, putting heat where they want it.

This ‘new breed’ of consumer wants low maintenance and smaller spaces extending their entertainment fun outdoors; again, with a gas appliance.

If your gas fireplace will not operate at a push of a button or remote control/wall control, or the pilot will not light, or the burner lights but will cycle on and off; to escape stress, simply call Mr. Fireplace 403-272-9845 (Calgary), 403-346-9050 (Red Deer) or (604) 591-2261 (Surrey) for a Service Technician who has proper tools and test equipment to adjust, service and troubleshoot your gas appliance.

“The art of life; is the art of avoiding pain.”  (Thomas Jefferson).