A new fireplace and service too!

By Glenda Doppmeier

Come in and see the new LUX!  What a stunning fireplace.  It is very modern but would fit into a traditional setting as well.  Glass media, porcelain refractory’s and metal pipes give a riveting focal point to a room.  This is really a unique fireplace.

We also have so many other fireplaces that are incorporating media.  If the traditional brick refractory and logs isn’t your favorite look, come and see what else we have on display.  There are rocks and colored glass media replacing the logs, as well on many units you can change the refractory (back of the fireplace) to plain black porcelain, which offers a very different look.

When the flames dance up from the media it is a very magical look.



Did you know that fireplace manufacturers recommend cleanings once a year?

We are currently running a Spring Special that offers $20.00 off a cleaning.  Beat the fall/winter rush by taking advantage of this offer, which runs until August 31st.  This can fix any annoying issues you may be having such as your fireplace turning off/on, delayed ignition, or a dirty glass obstructing the view of the flames.

Our techs will go through your unit checking all readings, resetting logs, repainting the firebox if required and of course cleaning the glass, leaving your unit looking spectacular.

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