A Day in the Life



Well hi guys, it’s me your good friend Mr. Fireplace. The good people I work with here at Mr. Fireplace (no relation) have asked me to write a guest post and I figured “Why Not?”

Where do I begin? Well to start with my full name is Mister Fireplace but my friends call me Mr. Fireplace or Mr. F. Even as a child I aspired to be a fireplace handyman. I was always fixing the things around the house, and oh boy did I love fire. You could say I was born into the role of Lead Handyman of Mr. Fireplace.

I am a single male born and raised in Calgary, Ab who enjoys delicious meals by an open fire and other romantic things like that, but this isn’t my Life Match Profile page, this is a reputable business blog.

You can see how I am a little bit nervous, as my fingers are the size of 2-3 regular fingers so typing this really is quite complicated.

Anyways, on top of working at Mr. fireplace I also live there. It has all the amenities that a person could need. I can shower at the outdoor kitchen; I can sleep inside on the comfy chairs or eat at the many BBQ’s on display.











Showering is a breeze at Mr. Fireplace

I wanted to write about a normal day in my life. At the time of this I was recently promoted to Head of Security/ Public Relations/ and Other Important Stuff at Mr. Fireplace.  This is the biggest news in the history of news. I like to kick the day off with a meeting, the most important meeting of the day because well… it’s the first one. I then follow that up with some important desk sitting stuff.






As we near lunch I prefer to check on the sales staff for important business type stuff. My motivation techniques might differ from some but I get the job done.








Motivation at its finest

I follow lunch up with an important post lunch meeting, followed by my post meeting meeting to discus the meeting. By this time they usually require me to help out on the sales floor with sales, loading of stoves and cleaning.







After work everyone usually leaves and I relax. Its not easy being a Head of Security/ Public Relations/ and Other Important Stuff in this day and age and I feel like I am a damn fine Head of Security/ Public Relations/ and Other Important Stuff (I have to shorten that up a bit, maybe HSPROIS). I BBQ something for dinner and relax by the fire outside.  I am sure to get a good nights rest as I prepare for the next busy day.

I feel like this promotion I got was more than just that for me in my future at Mr. Fireplace. I see big things for me. If I can steal a phrase from the musical Fame, “Fame, I’m gonna live forever, I’m gonna learn how to fly!” or something like that.

Until next month, keep reaching for the stars!