A Day in the Life 8: Calgary Stampede Breakfast Edition



Happy Stampede folks. It’s me, your friend Mr. Fireplace here again with another edition of “A Day in the Life of Mr. Fireplace”.

We would just like to send a big shout out to everyone who attended our annual stampede breakfast over the weekend. Thanks to all you we had a record turnout this year. We hope that everyone felt full by the end. A very special thanks to the Calgary EMS for coming by and letting some of the kids play in the ambulance with the lights and such.


Never one to miss a party of course I attended and ate way to much bacon. I also never pass up an attempt to plug my blog posts I write for Mr. Fireplace.

To all those that attended again thank you. To those that missed out, well there is always next year.

Until next time, Happy Stampeding, and be safe!