A Day in the Life 8: Another Video Drop!


Welcome to another issue of A Day in the Life of Mr. Fireplace. I of course am the one and only Mr. F.

At the time of this post my latest video “Fireplace Reviews by Mr. Fireplace: The Caliber Modern” has been released and let me say, this might just be some of my finest work!

This unit falls in a fine line of stars (ie. The original Caliber) that have younger more modern brothers come along and try to steal their thunder (like the Caliber Modern). But don’t fret, there is plenty of stage space for these two units and they both hit a very specific target audience. We have both these units installed in our showroom so be sure to come in and check it out!

So with out further ado, I present to you the world premiere of my latest episode of “Fireplace Reviews by Mr. Fireplace: The Caliber Modern”.