A Day in The Life 3 – Last Minute Gift Ideas

Happy day after Thanksgiving my American friends! Welcome to another edition of a Day in the Life of Mr. Fireplace. It’s me Mr. Fireplace here! Did you know that American Thanksgiving is the number one day of missed work/productivity of the whole year in the United States, or maybe its Canada or something like that? This is the kind of things you learn as Head of Security/Public Relations and Other Important Stuff at Mr. Fireplace.

Holy smokes, this just in…. breaking news… Christmas is under a month away.  Still looking for that last minute Christmas gift idea? Step back from the ledge, in the words of Bob Marley, “Every little thing is gonna be alright!” Your old friend Mr. Fireplace has your back.

Let me set the scene, you have just finished your big family meal, you retreat to the den to relax and start a nice warm fire. But oh no! Your recycling got taken the day before and you have nothing to help start the fire! BAM… Fire starter, a great last minute stocking stuffer. We also have gas and wood burning fireplace cleaners. Finally, interested in changing the look of the same old orange flame in your wood fireplace? We have flame color changer too!

Looking for something a little bigger? A wood or gas firepit would be a great gift for anyone who loves the camping/the outdoor/little puppies. As I sit here and look out my office window it looks like you might be able to get a few more fires in this holiday season.

We also have a variety of different indoor water fountains available. Some for the floor including ones with an electric fireplace built in, and some smaller ones that fit perfectly on a desk or bookshelf.

Looking for the perfect gift for the grill master in the family? We got a wide selection of BBQ’s in stock including Saber Grills.  These grills are the cats meow! Don’t believe me? Check out this guys Saber Review here to learn about his grillmance with this awesome grill. Already have a grill? Well we got all types of different BBQ accessories available too!

Finally, last but not least, what do you get for the person that has everything? Well a Mr. Fireplace gift card that’s what. Give them the gift that keeps on giving (at least until they spend their limit then it actually does in fact stop giving), good for anything in store and even for future service and fireplace cleanings.

I hope I have eased the pain of having to come up with last minute gift ideas with these few suggestions. Do you have any favourite last minute gift ideas? If so let us know in the comments below.

Until next month, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, keep reaching for the stars, you can achieve your dreams, I’m living proof.

Mr. Fireplace out!