A Day in The Life 2

Welcome to another addition of A Day In The Life of Mr. Fireplace. Boy oh boy it sure has been a busy month since we talked last. Since my promotion to Head of Security, Public Relations and Other Important Stuff at Mr. Fireplace I have been running off my feet doing security detail, motivating employees and other important stuff.

One of my tasks I have taken upon myself is I have hijacked Mr. Fireplace’s You Tube channel.  At the time of this writing my first video is just dropping (with many more exciting video’s to come), so I am sure in no time I will be a super celebrity. I can see my name in the lights on Broadway in no time. Everything is coming up Mr. Fireplace!

First things first, before anybody becomes a super celebrity (I’m talking like Andy Dick famous!) you need an agent. Luckily a good friend of mine referred me to a super agent! No not James Bond, but none other than Joey Shabadoo, agent to the stars! Mr. Shabadoo takes care of all my publicity, merchandise and future TV movies all for the low-low price of 74% of what I make. At that price how could I say no?

I’m sure that it will be no time before I am starring in the hit musicals “The Fireplace of The Opera”, “Mr. Fireplace Superstar” or “Beauty and the Beast” (a 1 man show in which I star as both the beauty and the beast). At this rate my star will be shining so bright, everyone around me had better be wearing shades!

But that is down the road, first things first. These floors aren’t going to vacuum themselves. I got money to make; Mr. Shabadoo’s kids are not going to feed themselves.

Until next month, keep reaching for the stars, you can achieve your dreams, I’m living proof.

Mr. Fireplace out!