5 Things with Mr. F: Summer Time

5 things

Welcome to another issue of 5 Things with Mr. F. With summer less than a week away, I’ve decided it only makes sense to do 5 Things I love about SUMMER!

Hot Weather

The first thing I love about summer is the hot weather. Gone are the days of having to worry about winter coats, boots, gloves, scarfs, hats, parka, etc. Now your biggest decisions for your day are shorts or pants? Coat or no coat?

One downside to the hot weather, well it is that I work in a fireplace shop. When it is 30 degrees outside, it can feel like 130 degree in our store. But I’m not complaining. Bring it on heat!

Canada Day

The first holiday of summer and it gets kicked off with a bang. I like most people love Canada and everything about our fine country. So it just makes sense that we have a kick ass day to celebrate it. Fireworks, eating outdoors, all types of activities and on top of it all the NHL free agent season usually starts that day as well. It all makes for one of my most looked forward to days of the year!


While this may conflict with my previous love of the hot weather I like some do also love the rain. Nothing like a good ole thunderstorm to excite this guy! Not sure what exactly it is, maybe the smell it brings, the soothing sound of a light rain, or the sound of the birds all excitedly chirping afterwards that I love the most about it. I love the rain in small doses and just the simple fact that you do not need to be concerned about snow but rather its liquidized form makes the rain A-OK with me J


Oh my gosh how could I forget about camping until now. Camping is a right of passage for us Canadians and is one of my absolute favourite things about summer. The fresh air, getting away from the city, campfires, everything cooked on an open flame. Take your pick as to why camping rocks, you really can’t go wrong.


I love BBQ. I will BBQ all season long if mother nature will accommodate. Food just tastes better grilled. Also you can cook anything on the BBQ (that’s right I said ANYTHING). BBQ brings family, friends, loved ones, neighbors, and even enemies closer. Nothing can beat BBQ, and to me it is the one thing that makes summer the greatest season of them all!

Did I miss any of your favorite summer things? If so leave them in the comments below.