Made In Canada


Experience moments of pure happiness in the comfort of your own home with the enhanced performance of the Solution 2.3. Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology, the combustion process offers a high thermal output of 75,000 BTU/h and low emissions of 1.54 g/h. This model proves to be the key for the informed consumer for whom wood heating has no secrets as well as for the new owner wishing to explore the comfort of alternative heating. The size of the firebox permits the easy positioning of logs in both depth and width. Despite its size, the Solution 2.3 keeps a balanced design that gives it the look of a decorative appliance while providing powerful heating to the serious user.

Several versions of options are available to allow you to create a look that suits your needs. Choose from a black or silver-plated brushed door trim, a superb choice of legs, including two new models with a square and rounded design, a pedestal, a variable speed 130 CFM fan, or a heat exchanger. The new Solution 2.3 is the perfect balance between security, performance and comfort.