Service (Available in Alberta Only)

Pilot Lighting Instructions

Wood Fireplace Service

Unfortunately we do not servie wood burning units. For wood burning unit service please contact a Chimney Sweep.

WETT Inspection

If you require a W.E.T.T. inspection for your wood burning unit please keep in mind that the chimney must be cleaned before we can come and do the inspection. For more details please contact our service department.

Mr. Fireplace offers the most extensive service programs for fireplaces available.

Mr. Fireplace is one of the only fireplace companies in existence that will ensure that your fireplace will run properly after the sale is made. It starts by ensuring that Mr. Fireplace’s qualified sales staff ensures the customer that the purchase they are about to make is the fireplace that will suite the customers needs today, and in the future. The next step in the process is the installation of the fireplace, by Mr. Fireplace’s qualified in house installers. After the installation Mr. Fireplace also offers a free orientation video with the purchase of your fireplace to ensure you know exactly how to operate your fireplace.

Preferred Service Agreement (PSA)

All manufacture’s recommend the fireplace be serviced on a annual basis. This is not to be confused with the manufacture’s warranty. Mr. Fireplace offers a Preferred Service Agreement which for an annual fee we will ensure that your fireplace will continue to operate trouble free by visiting your house and conducting an extensive diagnostic and analysis check of your fireplace at a predetermined time. This consists of a comprehensive 32 point inspection and cleaning. With the purchase of a PSA you get an additional discount on future parts and accessories. When purchasing a Preferred Service Agreement you can save up to 40% of the cost of a clean and diagnostic analysis. PSA’s are available in 1, 2 or 3 years duration and can be added at two levels.

Plan A consists of:

This plan includes once a year preventative maintenance inspection to help prevent breakdown and maintain efficiency. During this visit, we will clean and inspect your unit and advise you of any needed repairs. We serve our Preferred Service Agreement customers first. Also a PSA entitles you to an additional 10% off any purchases at Mr. Fireplace for the duration of the PSA (not including the PSA purchase)

Plan B consists of:

This plan covers everything in Plan A and in addition: The following parts and controls will be replaced or repaired if necessary at no additional cost.

  • Gas Valve
  • Thermocouple
  • Spark Ignition
  • Safety Switches
  • Fan
  • Burner
  • Thermostat
  • Pilot Light Assembly
  • Fan Limit Controls

*Logs, glass & seals plus remote control are not covered under Plan A or B.

Clean and Diagnostic Analysis
Mr. Fireplace offers on an on call basis, at current labour rates, a clean and diagnostic check. This consists of a comprehensive 32 point inspection and cleaning.