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72" single sided, shown with Architectural interior panels and Drift Logs




The Primo II linear gas fireplace with its trailblazing automatic control for no or low heat enables customers to live in year-round comfort with a luxury fireside presence. The sleek clean finish, big view of the flames, and whisper-quiet operation help them set the mood for relaxing or entertaining in any season or climate. 


The Primo II is the premium linear gas fireplace in the Heat & Glo® lineup. 

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Luxurious and elegant living room with slate and dark yellow tones

PRIMO II 60" Shown with Birch Logs, Column Interior Panels and Red Accent Lights


  • Viewing height goes from 12" to 18" 
  • Choice of five interior panels 
  • Crushed glass firebed that reflects the firelight 
  • Standard multi-colored LED ember bed lighting featuring seven colors now controlled with standard remote (RC450) 
  • Exterior glass pane ordered separately to eliminate job site destruction/loss 
  • Framing dimensions have changed 
  • Outside air required for operation (6" flex not included) 
  • Installation and serviceability is simplified - any heat management and power vent kits previously required for operation have been eliminated 
  • for a lower MSRP 
  • More favorable vent runs (DVP pipe -100 ft with up to ten elbows; SLP pipe - 30 ft with up to three elbows)
  • Optional logs in three wood varieties
  • Optional PRIMO-HEAT-DUCT kit directs the heat to where you want it
  • Optional indoor/outdoor kit extends fireplace enjoyment to the outdoors 
  • This is an ATP training product (watch for training course email available soon)


  • 48", 60", 72" single-sided or double-sided sizes 
  • SafeSurface™ glass - no screen, no obstruction of the flame 
  • Great flame, filling the firebox end-to-end 
  • Combustible materials can be installed to the fireplace opening for endless design possibilities 
  • Minimum TV clearances 


  • Tall 18" viewing height for generous view of flickering flames 
  • 48", 60" and 72" wide in single-sided or double-sided models 
  • Safely install combustible materials up to fireplace opening 
  • Multi-colored LED ember lighting highlights crushed glass 
  • Five interior panel designs for a custom look 
  • SafeSurface glass keeps hands safe without a safety screen 
  • Easy control with touchscreen remote, wireless wall switch, app, or your 
  • voice with a smart speaker 
  • Cool-wall technology enables installation of TV or artwork overhead 
  • Optional heat distribution in your space for warmth when it's wanted 
  • Optional indoor/outdoor kit for double-sided application 


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  • SafeSurface glass ordered separately as a single piece; two needed for double-sided models 
  • Required: 6" insulated flex duct for air intake (cap and collar comes with the unit) 
  • Interior panels are required to complete 
  • Glass media is needed to complete, sold by the bag:

    • 48" model = four bags, add a bag for Double-sided model 
    • 60" model = five bags, add a bag for Double-sided model 
    • 72" model = six bags, add a bag for Double-sided model 

  • Media is pre-washed - does not require rinsing prior to placement 
  • If terminating horizontally, a HZTERM-ADP will be needed in addition to a standard Trap Cap 
  • Longer vent runs will require combustion fan rheostat to be adjusted 
  • PRIMO-HEAT-DUCT kit uses existing electrical and fan components of the fireplace thus minimizing installation complexity and unwanted sound 
  • More favorable vent runs (DVP - 100 ft with up to ten elbows; SLP - 30 ft with up to three elbows) 
  • Indoor/outdoor kit will require insulation, poly and sheetrocked wall along with a finished window installed
Los Angeles, California USA. July 17, 2017. New construction modern home interior with model furniture and interior design setting before going into the real estate market

PRIMO II 60" ST Shown with Oak Logs and Fluted Black Glass

Modern living room with chimney

PRIMO II 48" with Crystal Media, Marble Black Glass Interior Panels and Oak Logs