Panacea Products presents The Open Hearth Collection is an extensive line of fireplace accessories by Panacea.
Whether the look is classic, casual, contemporary, or somewhere in between'¦ Panacea Products offers this comprehensive collection of decorative and practical fireplace accessories ranging from the very basic to the hottest new styles.


Design, functionality and safety are of the utmost importance in each of our screens. Choice from a wide variety of styles, price points and sizes.
15101'”Curved Screen
31' H x 38' W x 6' D

15990'”Folding Curved Screen
31' H x 38' W x 7' D

15918'”Scroll Screen with Vertical bars
32' H x 52' W
Brushed Bronze


Spiraling scrolls and twisted iron are just a few of the options we have. From basic needs, to full hearth centers we have you covered.



Log Bins

Featuring real leather totes, hand forged scrolls, cast iron accents, we have a log bin to meet any decor.



A wide variety of extras to enhance the hearth experience.


Heavy cast and wrought iron grates in a variety of sizes

A 5430'”30' Cast Iron Grate 1 6.5'H x 30' W x 15' D
B 15427'”27' Cast Iron Grate 6.5'H x 27' W x 15' D
C 15424'”24' Cast Iron Grate 6.5'H x 24' W x 15' D
D 15418'”18' Cast Iron Grate 6.5'H x 18' W x 12.5' D
E 15407'”30' Wrought Iron Grate 8'H x 30' W x 13.5' D
F 15406'”27' Wrought Iron Grate 8'H x 27' W x 13.5' D
G 15403'”23' Wrought Iron Grate 7.5'H x 23' W x 13.5' D
H 15405'”18' Wrought Iron Grate 6'H x 18' W x 11' D