Made In Canada


Designed for the smallest masonry hearths thanks to its tapered shape, the Destination 1.9 is a compact and easy to install wood insert. Its non-catalytic combustion and its 75% efficiency rate (the highest in its category) make it the perfect choice for those who want to transform their open fireplace into a clean and efficient heat source. To facilitate use and maintenance, its firebox has a hollow bottom for the accumulation of ashes, which helps reduce the frequency of cleaning.

Enjoy a panoramic view of the fire thanks to its large ceramic glass and arched cast iron door, fitted with a discreet black wood handle. The flush mount blower and the removable handle air control concealed in the faceplate louver give the Destination 1.9 a modern, clean finish that showcases the beauty of the flames.

Discover the additional qualities of the Enerzone Destination 1.9 wood insert



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