Starting at: $4,499

Made In Canada


More than a heating solution; a natural choice. Want environment friendly and efficient heating? Think ecology and sustainable development with the Cambridge pellet stove. This elegant pedestal stove provides a comfortable, constant heat and has a hopper that stores up to 60 lbs of granulated material.

Environment. The wood pellets emit fewer particles than traditional fuels. By using them, you recover wood residue and encourage the local economy, and is, therefore environmentally responsible.

Fuel Efficiency. It is highly efficient as the fuel is almost entirely converted into heat for your home. The Cambridge is capable of providing a maximum of 43,000 BTU/h.

Control. Forget about having to pile wood, or deal with dirt and fires that are hard to manage; this stove can be turned on and off automatically from a distance. With its range of 50 hrs, it is a great way to spend time with family and friends on a cold day.