The 411 on Pellet Stoves

[ (2015, August 4). The 411 on Pellet Stoves [Blog post]. Retrieved from] There are many reasons to heat your home with a pellet stove. The most prominent being the benefits of heating with a renewable fuel and reduced heating costs, especially if your central heat source uses costly propane or fuel oil. That’s the Read more

You Ask…We Tell 2

Welcome to another issue of Mr. Fireplace You Ask… We tell. In this issue we tackle a few of the most common questions we get asked as fireplace professionals. Q: How often should I have my gas or wood fireplace/stove serviced/cleaned? A: This is a question with a few answers. Since each fuel source will Read more

A Day in The Life 3 – Last Minute Gift Ideas

Happy day after Thanksgiving my American friends! Welcome to another edition of a Day in the Life of Mr. Fireplace. It’s me Mr. Fireplace here! Did you know that American Thanksgiving is the number one day of missed work/productivity of the whole year in the United States, or maybe its Canada or something like that? Read more

Breaking News…Winter is Coming!

By Mike Eide Well…. I have bad news for you. I know we all have been trying to avoid it, I know we all kind of thought maybe this year it wouldn’t happen. Well, it did happen, the season changed again, it’s Fall. Gone are the days of no coat weather, children outside playing till Read more

A Survival Guide for First Time Gas Fireplace Owners

By Eileen Fortier First Class is not just a seat on an airplane; what comes to mind is Service, high quality and a “friendly” atmosphere. We at Mr. Fireplace give the ultimate tools for a gas fireplace experience with more fun, less stress and top success culminating in us being awarded the Consumer Choice Award Read more

A new fireplace and service too!

By Glenda Doppmeier Come in and see the new LUX!  What a stunning fireplace.  It is very modern but would fit into a traditional setting as well.  Glass media, porcelain refractory’s and metal pipes give a riveting focal point to a room.  This is really a unique fireplace. We also have so many other fireplaces Read more