Important Fireplace Safety Tips

Safety tips for operating your fireplace It’s a simple concept that we all understand – fireplaces can get hot. But sometimes, especially with gas fireplaces that have sealed combustion systems behind glass, it’s easy to overlook basic gas fireplace safety. When using any fireplace – gas fireplaces included – there are real flames and hot Read more


Not to sound like Cliff Clavin, but it’s a “little known fact” that masonry-style, old-timey wood fireplaces are inefficient – and they aren’t just slightly inefficient. They cost homeowners hundreds of dollars a year in wasted energy, and actually make houses draftier and colder than those without old wood fireplaces. If you have one in Read more

How to Choose the Best Firewood for Burning

There are right ways and wrong ways to burn wood. If you’ve been heating all or part of your home with wood for any amount of time, you know this. But if you’re new to the program, we’ve outlined valuable information below about how to choose firewood, along with recommendations from the EPA Burn Wise Read more

How to Tell Your Firewood is Ready for Your Wood Stove

Three Tests to Determine When Your Firewood is Ready to Burn You’ve heard the saying “garbage in, garbage out” referencing computers. But the adage also applies to wood stoves and fireplaces, and the wood we burn in them. Plain and simple, the moisture content of cordwood can make or break the quality of your fires Read more

How Fireplace Efficiency Gets You Amazing Cost Savings

Fireplace efficiency can save you more money than you think There’s something magical about fire – nothing quite compares to relaxing in the warmth and glow of a fireplace after a long day. Even better, it’s quite economical since enjoying fires with a Heat & Glo gas fireplace costs less than .40 cents* an hour. Read more

Eco-friendly and Cost Effective Ways to Help the Earth

Every Green Act Adds Up to Big Impact The threat of global warming has never been more urgent. That’s why every year for the past 46 years, Earth Day and everything it stands for continues to gain momentum. Earth Day inspires people to share information, challenge ideas, and ignite passion – ultimately motivating us to Read more

Fireplace Installations You Didn’t Think Were Possible

Advanced Venting Makes for Modern Fireplace Installations   Everyone knows that most gas fireplaces are installed on the exterior walls of homes, and it makes sense since they require outside air for combustion and exhaust. But what if a home has a perfect spot for a fireplace on an interior wall? No problem! Heat & Read more

Smart Fireplaces: Innovative Fireplace Designs and Technology

The history of the hearth dates back to long before Heat & Glo got in the fireplace game, its first iteration being fire pits positioned in the middle of a room. Fast forward to modern times and the purpose of the hearth has transformed from survival to attaining dream home status. The fireplace may not Read more

Proof a New Fireplace Insert Can Update Your Home Design

Is a dirty wood-burning fireplace cramping your style? Fall in love with your hearth all over again. Heat & Glo fireplace inserts can transform an existing traditional masonry fireplace into a beautiful and efficient heat source, without a major renovation. You’ve got prime real estate sitting right in front of you, put it to good Read more

Low Maintenance Pellet Stoves Give You Free Time Like Never Before

If you already have a Harman pellet stove in your home, you are likely looking forward to a winter of comfort with minimal stove maintenance. As you may know, Harman pellet stoves are outfitted with today’s most advanced technologies, like programmable thermostats, automatic cleaning cycles, and our Pellet Pro System™ and our Exhaust Sensing Probe™, Read more