Biomass: The Sustainable, Renewable Fuel Choice

At Harman, we talk about biomass fuels a lot. If you are curious what qualifies as a biomass fuel, we’ve compiled this primer to answer that question and more. What is Biomass? “Biomass” is a term used to describe organic substances that can be converted into usable energy. Biomass used to produce heat is often Read more

Wood Stove Buying Guide: Finding the Perfect Stove for Your Home

In recent years, global warming and climate change have become reality. They are major, global issues that many of us think we cannot affect. The truth is, small changes to the way we live – when compounded among many people – can make a difference. An example is heating with renewable cordwood in a modern Read more

Smart Fireplaces: Innovative Fireplace Designs and Technology

The history of the hearth dates back to long before Heat & Glo got in the fireplace game, its first iteration being fire pits positioned in the middle of a room. Fast forward to modern times and the purpose of the hearth has transformed from survival to attaining dream home status. The fireplace may not Read more

Fireplace Trends You Can Expect to See in 2016

  2015 was a stylish year. Bold colors made a comeback, retro became modern and textures couldn’t be ignored. We think 2016 though, is going to be the real treat. The home design site Houzz has looked into their crystal ball and predicted the 25 biggest interior trends that we’ll be seeing over the next Read more