Low Maintenance Pellet Stoves Give You Free Time Like Never Before

If you already have a Harman pellet stove in your home, you are likely looking forward to a winter of comfort with minimal stove maintenance. As you may know, Harman pellet stoves are outfitted with today’s most advanced technologies, like programmable thermostats, automatic cleaning cycles, and our Pellet Pro System™ and our Exhaust Sensing Probe™, Read more

How to Get the All-Time Best Firewood: A Guide to Firewood Storage

There’s a nip in the air, the leaves are turning and autumn has officially arrived. Soon you’ll be stoking up the Quadra-Fire and enjoying the kind of home comfort and cozy heat only burning wood provides. We’re sharing time-honored tips and tricks for seasoning and storing your cordwood this fall. Whether you buy wood from Read more

Evolution of Fire: A Brief History of Wood-Burning Stove Technology

For more than a million years, humans have harnessed the life-sustaining power of fire by burning wood. It provides warmth for our bodies, heat for cooking, warm water for washing – the essentials of life. As we have evolved, so have wood stoves and the technology built into them. It started thousands of years ago Read more

Fireplace Facts for Building Your First Home

If you’re building your first home, you know many decisions need to be made – choosing a reputable builder, deciding on the home’s layout, selecting flooring and countertops, and everything in between. Fireplaces are in a category all their own; no other amenity comes close in terms of adding coziness and atmosphere to your home. Read more