Where Mother Nature Stops, Technology Takes Over

If you’ve spent any time with a Quadra-Fire wood stove or insert, you know it packs a powerful punch of heat. But how does it burn the wood so completely, and for so long? It’s all about technology. Four-Point Burn System Quadra-Fire wood stoves are outfitted with our patented Four-Point Burn System, which burns and Read more

5 Reasons We’re Ready for Fall

[heatilator.com. (2015, August 24). 5 Reasons We’re Ready for Fall [Blog post]. Retrieved from http://www.heatilator.com/Shopping-Tools/Blog/Five-Reasons-We-Are-Ready-for-Fall.aspx] While the first day of autumn doesn’t officially arrive until Wednesday, Sept. 23, most of us realize summer’s over when the kids go back to school and Labor Day is behind us. Rather than lament the end of summer, welcome autumn Read more

The Best Time to Plan Your Fireplace Installation

[heatilator.com. (2015, August 18). The Best Time to Plan Your Fireplace Installation [Blog post]. Retrieved from http://www.heatilator.com/Shopping-Tools/Blog/The-Best-Time-to-Plan-Your-Fireplace-Installation.aspx] Days are getting shorter. Nights are cooler. Fall is almost here. Autumn is the best time to install a new gas fireplace – before winter arrives once again. And this winter is expected to be especially frigid, making freezing Read more

Why You Need to Buy a Fireplace Right Now

[heatnglo.com. (2015, August 18).  Why You Need to Buy a Fireplace Right Now [Blog post]. Retrieved from http://www.heatnglo.com/Shopping-Tools/Blog/Why-You-Need-to-Buy-a-Fireplace-Right-Now.aspx] Snow. Cold. Wind. These four-letter words are coming back with a vengeance this winter according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac. Above-average snow and below-average temperatures will make for a harsh season. The annually published almanac uses a secret Read more

This is What the Future of Home Design Looks Like

[heatnglo.com. (2015, August 10). This is What the Future of Home Design Looks Like [Blog post]. Retrieved from http://www.heatnglo.com/Shopping-Tools/Blog/This-is-What-the-Future-of-Home-Design-Looks-Like.aspx] Take a tour into the future. What do you envision? Think beyond chrome finishes, flashing lights and sharp angles. Future home trends are all about fashion with function. Your home will be the mothership of these evolving Read more