The Fireplace Industry in 5 years

                                            By Mike Eide Trying to tell the future is tough. Trust me. If it wasn’t hard we would all be millionaires right now. All wars would have been adverted and the world would Read more

A Day in the Life 6: Video Drop!

Welcome to another issue of A Day in the Life of Mr. Fireplace. I of course am the one and only Mr. F. Its been a while since I have had a moment to sit down and just write for the sake of writing, and boy oh boy is it nice to do so. I Read more

Natural Cleaners to Make Your Home Shine

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to mean exposing yourself to harsh chemical cleaners. There are many brands of natural cleansers on the market today, or you can look inside your pantry and find everyday products that will cut grease, restore sparkle and erase stains. Kitchen Nothing builds up grease like the stove top. Grab a box Read more

Fireplace Trends For 2015

                  By Mike Eide Looking for the hottest trends in fireplaces for 2015? Well search no further. Quite often the designers view of what the fireplace will look like coincides with the feel they are going for in that immediate area. Now days that look is trending Read more

You Ask…We Tell

Ever seen a picturesque image of a family room with a beautiful fireplace centering everything. What’s that one thing that probably 90% of those pictures in real life will include; well if you guessed a flat screen TV hanging above the fireplace you would be correct. Did you know that hanging your TV above your Read more