Renovating Your Home in the New Year: Avoiding Getting Ripped Off

By Mike Eide Welcome to the third installment in our five part series of renovating your home in the New Year. If you haven’t read the previous two weeks posts be sure to check them out here. This week’s write-up is about something very important in the whole process, “Avoiding Getting Ripped Off”. The old Read more

Renovating your Home in the New Year: Financing the Reno

By Mike Eide So it’s 2015 and you have decided it is time to get that home renovation done that you have been pushing off for the last little while. Well it can be a scary task to enter without the right help, and sometimes even the help you get can make it a scary Read more

Rebooting Your New Year’s Resolutions

                            By Mike Eide Happy New Year everyone! I love the New Year. There is no better way to start a reboot with things in your life, but with these resolutions of the new year comes the dreaded having to follow through Read more