A Day in the Life

    Well hi guys, it’s me your good friend Mr. Fireplace. The good people I work with here at Mr. Fireplace (no relation) have asked me to write a guest post and I figured “Why Not?” Where do I begin? Well to start with my full name is Mister Fireplace but my friends call Read more

Saying goodbye to a friend.

By Mike Eide RIP Dave Lewis This isn’t the blog that was supposed to be written this week. In fact I was half way through writing that post when I was informed that long time Mr. Fireplace employee Dave Lewis had passed away. I knew at that moment I had to just write about Dave. Read more

Introducing the iPhone 6

By Mike Eide Well like clockwork yesterday Apple released their newest iPhone like they do every year. What made this generation of iPhone (iPhone 6) so different was that this was their biggest (pun intended) release ever. Size Does Matter Lets start with the biggest new feature in the newest iPhone, the size. In the Read more

QR Codes: What are they and how can YOU use them?

By Mike Eide What an age we live in. Technology appears to be changing everyday and if you don’t keep yourself in the forefront with it you will fall behind. One of those changes is the way we receive information on the fly. We live in a day of smart phones and instant access to Read more