Mr. Fireplace Helping Hands

By Mike Eide Standard Safety Mesh Screens (SSMS) is a hot topic in the fireplace industry today. With the recent lawsuits against fireplace manufacturers due to children burning themselves on hot glass, there has been a whirlwind of controversy. What is the best way to handle this issue? Options have been suggested and quite frankly Read more

Fireplace Thoughts From a Fireplace Newbie

By Lacie Banks Prior to starting with Mr. Fireplace, I didn’t have any idea of what was involved in installing and servicing a fireplace, nor did I know about all of the options and choices given when looking for or purchasing a fireplace. Did you know? That we have everything from standard builder fireplaces to Read more

Traditional Wood Burning Fireplace: Are They a Thing of the Past?

By Dave Cripps It wasn’t that long ago when the fireplace was the center of home.  There is just something about coming in from a cold winter day and settling in by a fireplace hearth. Nothing can compare with the old world charm of a natural wood burning fire that provides a feeling of warmth, Read more

Some Interesting Market Trends in Fireplace

By Ronald Van Waas Trends are often described as coming or going, however, there are a few trends occurring today within the fireplace industry that are showing strong preferences and lasting results. Although the traditional styles of fireplaces with their log sets are still extremely popular, the new European linear fireplaces are gaining in popularity.  Read more

Understanding Fireplace Efficiencies

By Mike Eide We get many questions about fireplace efficiencies and why certain fireplace efficiencies seem higher than others. Are you aware that fireplaces are being legislated to be more efficient energy users? Old Methods Different methods have been used to measure the efficiency of gas fireplaces. Steady state (SS) and annual fuel utilization efficiency Read more